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"Breastfeeding help"

- A voluntary humanitarian organisation
- A network of women who are working for a breastfeeding friendly society:
- trough mother-to-mother support for breastfeeding
- in local breastfeeding support groups
- as a national force to protect, promote and support breastfeeding
- through international projects

Who is in Ammehjelpen?

Ammehjelpen is the Norwegian Mother-to-Mother breastfeeding support group.

She is a mother:
  • who has personal experience with breastfeeding
  • who has documented good breastfeeding knowledge and been certified as a helper by our organisation
  • who can give breastfeeding mothers inspiration, self- confidence and comfort
  • who can give practical advice and guidance about breastfeeding

Some of the things we can give advice on are:

  • Correct suckling technique
  • Correct positioning at the breast
  • Low milk supply, or excessive supply
  • Plugged milk ducts or mastitis
  • Sore nipples
  • Problems lactating baby on
  • Babies who won't nurse
  • Manual expression or pumping and storage of expressed milk
  • Colic
  • Breastfeeding twins
  • Breastfeeding babies with special needs
  • Breastfeeding and alcohol
  • Breastfeeding and smoking

To get more information and brochures please contact us

Are you interested in being an Ammehjelper or to be supporting member please contact us.

Remember, an ammehjelper is a mother who volunteers on her own time to help you. Her help is given without charge. That is why you may not get an answer at the first number you call. Please don’t give up – call the next name on the list, or send a text and ask when would be a good time to phone.  We are happy to help you whenever we can.

You may also find the help you need in our closed Facebook group ‘Ammehjelpsgruppen’.

Tone Mobakken
Tlf: 90 92 02 71
Tynset, Hedmark
Zsuzsa Huszenicza
Tlf: 96 82 58 50
Oslo, Oslo
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